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            本公司擁有杰出的管理人才, 優秀工程師、技術人員及經驗豐富的一線生產員工,并引進各類臺灣、日本進口的精密機床為生產高精度產品提供了基本保證。
            公司全體同仁秉承“以誠為本、顧客至上”的理念,堅持“質量精良, 價格合理”的經營原則,竭誠為廣大客戶提供優質服務。

            AIYINTE precision work CO.,LTD.is specialized in producing maojie screw,ya mao nut,ya mao nut pole,inlaid nut,zhang mao nut,ya mao bolt,la mao nut,hand-tightened bolt and other shaft products suitablein the d industry of computer,electron,household electrical appliance, communication, gener ator , architecture and uphdser.
            The company has outstanding supervise persons,excellent engineers,technical persons and experienced first line produce workets,and it introduces into all kinds of precise machine tools from Taiwan,Japan,which provides basic guarantee to produce precise products.

            The staffs Of the company take the faith Of "on the basis Of sincerity,customer first",insist On the management principle Of "quality first, price reasonable",provide the customers with excellent service wholeheanedly.